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Budva Riviera and Petrovac

The Budva Riviera (Montenegrin: Budvanska Riviera) is a 35 km long strip of the Adriatic coast surrounding the town of Budva in western Montenegro. It is located roughly along the middle of the Montenegrin coast, and is a center for Montenegrin beach tourism. Budva Riviera is best known for it's famous 18 beaches.

The history of Petrovac began in Roman times, when a couple of villas were built at Krs Medinski: a 4th century mosaic floor, remains of a villa and baths have been found behind St Ilija's church. After that, the Slovaks built a village. At the northern end of the bay is a 16th century Venetian fortress, Kastel Lastva, intended to discourage pirates. In the bay there are two islets, one of which is topped by a small chapel, built as thanksgiving for a shipwrecked sailor's life.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Petrovac had about 300 inhabitants. Nowadays Petrovac has become modern coastal town and very attractive tourist destination. It is a popular summer beach resort. Tourist accommodation has expanded greatly in recent years, although less obtrusively than at Budva. The main attraction is the mainly sandy beach and there is also a night club in the old castello.

Why Montenegro?

A view to the Budva Riviera, and the St. Nicholas island. The island has three sandy beaches.

St. Stephen is a real pearl of Montenegro. It is situated just 5km from Petrovac.

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